Tolerant, Inspirational and Wise

september_041September has always been my favorite month of the year. It comes with different colors, warm noon and cool nights, the craving scent of crispy autumn leaves, autumnal rain, sunsets over green fields and many more. This is often the month when i get to enjoy my own company sightseeing the nature. It’s an in between time. A gentle and soft exhalation. This month is glorious and lights and shadows and skies and clouds are enough to give my heart an attack.

Beautiful weather, neither too hot , nor too cold, colorful dry leaves falling everywhere is really enchanting. When September arrives, i get the gigantic energy to do anything like studying, watching, cooking and decorating. It’s the fresh month of the year. And yes, this also happens to be my birthday month. September 14 might be the ordinary day for most of the people but it’s a special day for me. It feels really great to have your birthday on your favorite month. This month always surrounds me with good energy and positive hope, inspires me to be strong and independent like the branches which stay alone after the leaves fall from it. It’s also very favorite to most of the students like me because this month has always become a start of a month vacation to celebrate two greatest festival of Hindus the Dashain and the Tihar. Oh wow, how fortunate i am!

Okay lets get into birthday again. The birthstone for September born angel is Blue Sapphire which means clear thinking. It also represents purity of soul. I hope someone could gift me the gem on my next birthday(winks). Similarly, morning glory and forget-me-not are their favorite flowers. The Zodiac sign Virgo lies in the same month. Virgos are real, intelligent, modest and practical. They are wise, well spoken, but also, quietly  introverted.

is (1)
A Virgo

I felt like blogging about this month because it’s my luckiest month and i hope it’d be a great start for further blogs. I promise i’ll be back with my new blog very soon. Feel free to get in touch with comments, likes and a ‘hello’. Cheerful Dashain everyone!


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