First blog post


Hello! I’m currently a student of Pokhara University. I am in the college of Information Technology. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have never blogged before and hopefully IĀ  start to get the hang of it. It seems like more and more people have started blogging about their lives and companies. It is really interesting to hear ,share and learn through each of theirĀ  ideas ,stories and livelihood.

I intend to write here about different stuffs that interests and fascinates me. I hope to write on regular basis but let’s see how will the time favour. My upcoming blog would be something interesting about September.

Tolerant, Inspirational and Wise

september_041September has always been my favorite month of the year. It comes with different colors, warm noon and cool nights, the craving scent of crispy autumn leaves, autumnal rain, sunsets over green fields and many more. This is often the month when i get to enjoy my own company sightseeing the nature. It’s an in between time. A gentle and soft exhalation. This month is glorious and lights and shadows and skies and clouds are enough to give my heart an attack. Continue reading “Tolerant, Inspirational and Wise”